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  • CalciAIM

    AIM CalciAIM ™

    $60.00 Includes GST.
    • AIM CaliAIM contains:
    • Calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, copper, Vitamin C and L-lysine HCL.
    • Three types of calcium with absorption-enhancing nutrients in a powder drink mix.
    • Helps maintain healthy bones, cartilage, gums and teeth.
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  • AIM BarleyLife

    AIM BarleyLife®

    $90.00 Includes GST.

    AIM BarleyLife

    • Juice powder of young barley plants.
    • Natural plant-sourced nutrients including antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.
    • Alkalises, cleanses, energises and reduces inflammation.
    • Supports all body systems.
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