At long last, new website is up and running. There are articles and recipes to help you Improve your Lifestyle and over time – more content will be added to help you even more. Please post comments to tell me what else you would like.

We at Healthseekers are big fans of “The Healthy Cell Concept”

  1. FOOD Our cells need the nutrients from fresh, whole foods as well as high-quality nutritional supplements. Consistent nutrition for your body can improve pH, prevent inflammation and support the immune system.
  2. EXERCISE Exercise provides strength, endurance, flexibility, mental alertness and stress relief.
  3. ENVIRONMENT A clean environment, beginning with the water we drink and the air we breathe, has a healthy impact on the body’s cells
  4. PROTECTION A healthy immune system is the best defence against disease and illness. Proper nourishment, rest and stress management will help support and strengthen the body.
  5. ATTITUDE A positive attitude yields positive results. Laugh, be happy and you can help your cells fight off illness and disease.

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