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AIM Fit’n Fiber™

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AIM Fit’n Fiber

  • Acacia, apple, flaxseed,konjac,oat and psyllium fiber as well as unique botanicals
  • Increases healthy fiber intake daily
  • Healps maintain the digestive system
  • Ideal for managing weight


fit ’n fiber (Orchard Peach)

16 oz/456 g powder

AIM fit ’n fiber® Orchard Peach is an everyday fiber for safe, effective, consistent results. Featuring three complementary fiber ingredients—psyllium, konjac and oat—along with seven other synergistic fiber and herb ingredients, fit ’n fiber contains the effective nutrients to help keep you regular, stem your appetite, and encourage a healthy weight.

  • Relieves irregularity
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular health
  • Aids in satiety and assists with weight management
  • Soluble fiber helps to reduce cholesterol



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