Healthy Lifestyle Overview

healthy lifestyle

What to expect when you improve your lifestyle

You have a remarkable body!

Did you know, when you begin to eliminate the poor quality food, like meat, fish, chicken, tea, coffee etc and replace it with superior foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes – your body rejoices.

When better quality food enters your body – your body discards the poor quality foods, to make room for the top grade food.

The better the food, the better the body can produce healthy cells.

Your body starts to eliminate previously retained proteinaceous waste. Fat cells are broken down and toxins that were stored are released into the blood stream.

During this process, the body is able to “clean house” very efficiently and as a result, you could experience some uncomfortable symptoms. These unpleasant symptoms are the temporary results of Detoxification.

Do not let any temporary discomfort persuade you to abandon your quest for a new improved lifestyle.

The more junk food and high animal protein food you have had in the past – the more severe symptoms you will experience.

Our detox program is low in protein and fats. During the first week, you could feel worse than before BUT do not quit yet.

This initial feeling of reduced energy is due to your body redeploying its forces and energy for the rebuilding of vital organs.

You have to give your body a chance to adjust and complete its recuperation. You must be patient because you are going to feel better. You did not get the way you are today overnight. So do not expect your body to repair the damage overnight.

During the detox period, it is very important to get more rest and sleep. You must not be tempted to fall back on stimulants of any kind.

The long-term rewards of improving your lifestyle are:

Increased vitality, improved sleep, more energy, regular and soft bowel movements, lower cholesterol, a healthy heart, lower cancer risk, stronger bones and much more.

Are not a few days of temporary discomfort worth living through to get these benefits?

Don’t give up!

What symptoms might you experience?

Fever, colds, skin rashes
Short intervals of bowel sluggishness, occasional diarrhea and frequent urination.
Feeling of tiredness or weakness.
Disinclination to exercise.
Nervous, irritability, negativity or depression may occur later on.
Be happy you are having these symptoms.

Your body is rejuvenating by reacting to toxins every day, throwing off more and more waste, which eventually would have brought pain, disease and more suffering.