The Health Seekers founders started on the road to a Healthy Lifestyle back in 1995.

After much research and reading they realised that processed and dead foods were not helping towards the goal of improved health. They also learned that fresh, live and natural fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of fresh air, exercise and a positive outlook would greatly improve their overall health. “Dead” food does not help good health – instead it leads to poor health.  Rather than just trying different “diets” they decided to implement an entire “lifestyle” approach to wellness.

The approach to living well they developed over the years revolves around seeking to only eat, wherever possible, fresh live and natural organic fruit and vegetables supplemented with nuts, some grains and other “whole food” nutritional products.

Their system stresses the importance of Balance:

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Balanced exercise
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Balanced attitude

Since then, they have helped thousands take their first step towards improved wellness through implementing their ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ approach to living.