AIM AIMega provides a balanced 2:1 ratio of omega–3 and –6 essential
fatty acids (EFAs) from organic seed oils. Every cell, tissue, gland,
and organ in your body is dependent upon the presence of EFAs. EFAs
are one of the main structural components of every cell membrane and
are necessary for cell repair, growth, and activity.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are healthy fats that we need for healthy
living. They are key structural, metabolic and regulatory components
of every cell in the body. It is impossible to maintain health without
EFAs. They keep our cell membranes fluid so that nutrients can enter
the cell and waste can be eliminated, thereby improving and regulating
cellular function.

EFAs are metabolized into long-chain fatty acids that also support
health. Hormone-like compounds known as prostaglandins are also
derived from EFAs; these critical components affect physiological
functions such as cell growth and division, blood pressure
(vasoconstriction / vasodilation of blood vessels), immune function,
and much more.

Why are EFAs so important?

EFAs restore energy, help us digest our foods, reduce cravings,
transport nutrients throughout the cells, burn fat, contribute to
healthy hormone balance, soften and smooth the skin, help prevent
osteoporosis by keeping bones strong, and help prevent chronic disease.

EFAs are absolutely necessary for optimal health and well-being.
However, the body cannot manufacture EFAs (omega-3 and -6), so
we must get them from our diet on a daily basis. Contrary to popular
belief, eating fish once in awhile is not enough. EFA deficiency is one of
the most widespread nutritional deficiencies today, so supplementation
is necessary. Health Canada advises that infants, children and adults of
all ages consume omega-3 and omega-6 every day.

AIM AIMega is a blend of organic seed oils that provide the EFAs you need.
EFAs restore energy, help us digest our foods, reduce cravings,
transport nutrients throughout the cells, burn fat, contribute to
healthy hormone balance, soften and smooth the skin, help prevent
osteoporosis by keeping bones strong, and help prevent chronic disease.

If the body gets enough EFAs, it can make all of the other fats it needs
to support healthy cellular and immune function. The two essential
fatty acids are omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and omega-6
linoleic acid (LA). These polyunsaturated fats are involved in converting food into energy and play a role in cardiovascular health, as well as maintaining the overall health of every system of the body.


Without omega-3 fatty acids, the body cannot make prostaglandins involved
in immune function. Recommended by the Canadian Cancer Society,
omega-3 also supports kidney function, hormone synthesis, and cardiovascular
health. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recommends the use
of omega-3 because it “can help prevent clotting of blood, reducing the risk of stroke and also helps lower triglycerides, a type of blood fat linked to heart disease.”
Consumption of ALA-rich oils has been found to help improve blood
flow and circulation by keeping blood vessels compliant, lower LDL
(bad) cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis, and regulate blood pressure.
ALA also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help in managing
arthritis and reducing inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid
arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema, lupus, and fibromyalgia.
Additionally, some ALA can be metabolized into the long-chain omega-
3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid
(DHA), which support brain and cognitive function as well as nerve
health and healthy vision.


While omega-3 is crucial to a healthy diet, omega-6 is also essential.
We tend to get a fair amount of omega-6 in our diets; however, most
of it comes from refined and damaged sources, such as baked goods
and pasta. This is why it is essential that we get omega-6 from a natural
AIM AIMega provides a healthy source of omega-6 linoleic acid (LA).
The body converts omega-6 LA to gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which
is helpful for dry skin and hormone imbalance. LA also converts to
arachidonic acid (AA), which plays a role in treating learning disorders.

Omega–3 and –6 EFAs in balance

Getting a sufficient and balanced amount of essential fatty acids
is absolutely vital for staying healthy. One of the many functions
of omega-3 and -6 is to act as precursors for building hormone-like
compounds known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins derived from these
two essential fatty acids have opposite effects in the body. Those produced
from omega-6 increase inflammation (an important component of the
immune response), blood clotting, and cell proliferation, while those
from omega-3 decrease these functions. To maintain optimal health, the different types of prostaglandins must be in balance. AIM AIMega provides a
2:1 ratio of omega–3 and –6 essential fatty acids to maintain this balance.


AIM AIMega also supplies an olive-oil source of omega-9 (oleic acid,
a monounsaturated fat), which is not essential because the body can
make it from other fatty acids, but it is recommended for overall good
health and to prevent illness. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of
Canada reports that it has been shown to improve blood cholesterol
levels. Olive oil is an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-9 and has
been found to decrease blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack,
decrease high blood lipid levels, and reduce the risk of developing
cardiovascular disease.

For optimal freshness, AIM AIMega provides essential omega-3 and -6
fatty acids as well as omega-9 in an easy-to-swallow soft gelatin capsule
that protects the oils from light and oxygen. AIM AIMega contains a healthy
ratio of omega-3, -6 and -9 from plant sources.

Ingredients AIM AIMega

Organic flax (Linum usitatissimum) seed oil
Flax seeds contain about 55% omega-3 and about 16% omega-6.
The ALA in flax oil is the parent fatty acid in the omega-3 family. Some
of it may be converted to EPA and DHA, which help with brain, nerve
and eye function. Even before conversion, ALA appears to have unique
physiological benefits. ALA is especially useful to support heart health
and the immune system.
Organic sesame (Sesamum indicum) seed oil
Rich in omega-6 LA, which the body converts to GLA, AA and
Organic olive (Olea europaea) oil
Contains some omega-6 and is a rich source of monounsaturated
omega-9, which aids in maintaining a healthy heart and reducing the
risk of high triglycerides, heart attack and stroke. Consuming plenty of
monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids can help balance the
high amounts of trans and saturated fats that are so frighteningly common
in the North American diet.
Organic sunflower (Helianthus annus) seed oil
One of the richest sources of omega-6.
Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)
MCTs are very easily digested fats that the body quickly uses for
energy rather than being stored in fat cells; they may also promote fatburning
(thermogenesis). MCTs have been used in various digestive
disorders and chronic diseases.
• 380 mg omega-3 fatty acids (ALA)
• 190 mg omega-6 fatty acids (LA)
• 200 mg omega-9 fatty acids (OA)
Added benefits from organic rosemary extract, tocotrienols,
and tocopherols:
• Potent antioxidants that help ensure the stability and quality of the
oil inside the capsules.
• May also provide additional health benefits due to their strong
protective and antioxidant activities.

Suggested Use: Take 2 to 3 capsules twice daily with meals.
Risk information: As with any natural health product, pregnant or
nursing women, individuals taking oral medications or blood thinners,
or who have blood clotting disorders or gallbladder disease should consult
their health care practitioner for specific supplement recommendations.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Helps protect against high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
  • Combats inflammation
  • Promotes wound healing
    -Enhances healthy hormone balance
  • Best internal cosmetic for great skin
  • Helps maintain healthy cell membrane function
  • Provides a balanced 2:1 ratio of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids from organic seed oils
  • Provides omega-9 fatty acids from olive oil
  • Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) to provide energy
  • 120 gelatin capsules (gelatin is Halal and Kosher)
    Use AIM AIMega with the other AIM products to build a solid foundation for good health.